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A roof is as good as it's installer. Absolut Roofing has been installing commercial roofs for over 20 years. We offer some of the longest warranties in the industry. For a worry-free repair or new installation, call us now. We also offer annual roof maintenance programs to catch and repair any issues on your roof, so you can worry less about your business.

modified bitumen roof installation


Commonly installed on flat roofs. Three methods are cold-applied, hot-applied, and torch-down. Materials are designed to resist expansion and contraction, and reflect much of the sun's UV rays. They are also durable and easy to repair. 

Trusted Modified Bitumen Roofing Manufacturers
built-up roof with gravel


Also called hot-mop, a BUR roof is a durable and reliable choice for areas prone to ponding. Hot asphalt is applied over the base sheets and felts, fusing them to form a waterproof membrane. In a conventional system, gravel or other surface materials is embedded into the top layer of asphalt. It creates a weather resistant surface that is easy to repair.

Trusted BUR Roofing Manufacturers
PVC roofing


These types of roofs come in rolls of various sizes and thicknesses. The seams of the membrane are taped or hot air-welded together to create a strong waterproof bond. PVC roofs have excellent chemical resistance. EPDM roofs have excellent puncture resistance. TPO is white which can reflect up to 90% of UV rays. All are engineered for longevity.

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white roof coating on commercial building


Roof coatings are applied to virtually any existing roofing surface to create a seamless membrane that protects against ponding water and ultraviolet light. Roof coatings extend the life of traditional roof systems and act as a protective membrane to physical damage, general wear and tear, and UV rays. The reflective characteristics can lower summertime cooling costs. With many cities requiring cool roof systems, roof coatings can be an easy method of compliance.

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Standing seam metal roofing


Properly installed, metal roofs should last as long as the building. Resistant to fire, wind, mildew, insect and rot, metal roofs are chosen for its durability, longevity, aesthetics, and low-maintenance. There are two types of metal roofing products: panels and shingles. Both are lightweight, which can save on engineering and building support structures. Metal roofs are known to be great insulators and can help reduce energy bills. Warranties are available up to 50-years or Limited Lifetime. A common drawback of metal is denting. 

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